Red Panda

Welcome to Tok's Weird Aminal O The Week!

Hallo there, folks! Welcome to Tok's Weird Aminal O the Week! From now until I get bored with this, I'm going to pick an obscure creature once a week and draw it for you! I'll also put up a bit of information about each animal, too! For the most part I'l be doing mammals, but once in a while, I'll do a lizard or a bird. I will not do any kind of bug because I don't like bugs and they're all pretty weird anyway. Why am I doing this? Because I love animals, of course! (And besides, I always wanted to wear these poofy pants! I love poofy pants!!!) I'll do my best to make everything accurate, but since my Encyclopedias are almost 50 years old, it'll be hard, so cut me some slack. Anyhoo, That's about it, so go check out the aminals!



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