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Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Hooray! There's a new page up in Midnight Fox vs the Evil Mutant Zombies From the Bad Place! I need some feedback, though. the newest page is a bit different and I wanna know if it loads any faster/better than the other pages. Please-oh-please email me and tell me, 'kay? ^.^
Toktobis 9:51 PM

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

stupid cat
he fell off my lap in the middle of biting me, so i got bit and clawed at the same time.
School starts on friday, i'm only takin one class, Computer Hardware for Novices. I'm a little nervous, mostly cuz I'm not sure what building it's in or what time it starts.
Only one more pic to color and a new page o Midnight Fox will be up.

OOOOOOO, I'm gonna get a job! I'm gonna be an assistant groomer at Petsmart. Not much of a job, but I've never had one before. I'm 19 years old and I've never had a job. :P Unless of course you count workin for my dad when we built our house. I was 13 and I got paid $4.00 an hour, 4 hours after school on weekdays, 8 hours on Saturdays. I reaaaalllly hated that. oh well. My neopets are starving (again) so I'd better go take care of them.
Toktobis 12:19 PM

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