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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

the scariest thing happened today. my mom had a seizure. She was sitting in the kitchen reading a book, and i was out on the couch. She made this weird noise and the dog started barking. At first I thought she was playing around, but then my brother could see her lying on the ground and he said that the dog was licking her teeth. Since my mom would never in a million years let the dog lick her FACE, let alone her teeth, i knew something was wrong and ran into the kitchen.
She was lying on her back, she had hit her head on the tiles. her arms were sticking up and twitching, and her jaw was all clenched. Some bubbly were coming out of her mouth and her lips were turning blue. I sent my brother to get my grandma, because this had happened before when i was little, so i figured grama would know what to do. it didn't even occur to me to get Dad. I suppose it should have. anyway, grama came running with Dad behind her, (alex had thought to get him.) Grama had us push mom onto her side so she could breathe, then she called 911. after mom was on her side for a minute, she started moaning, but her arms relaxed and her lips were the right color again. I had told Alex to take the dog back into the bedroom so he wouldn't bark at the paramedics. I went back there to talk to him and explain what I knew about what happened. I knew it was a seizure, but I had no idea why she had it or if she was going to be ok. An ambulance came with ten or so paramedics, i guess it had been a slow day. mom was sitting up, but she wasn't "in there" she kept grabbing on the paramedics clothes and trying to take the neck brace off. They put her on a gurney and took her to the hospital. Dad went, too. They came back an hour or so ago. Mom is ok, just very brused and sore. she has to see a neurologist so they can find out what happened, and if it would happen again. They did a lot of tests at the hospital, but i don't really understand what they told me. They said stuff about how she was anemic, her blood count was 9. I guess that's pretty low, i dunno what it's supposed to be.

i hope she'll be ok
Toktobis 11:04 PM

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Toktobis 10:50 PM

boy, I haven't done this in FOREVER. my headache has gotten worse again, it's a pain in the patootie, but i don't know what to do about it. need narcotics... *shudder* unfortunately, i done HAVE any, if i take narcotics as often as i need 'em, i'd probably get addicted, so none for me. rasafracken headache. ~.~

As you may have noticed, I re-did the site. If you find any problems, even little ones, email me so i can check it out. I already got a email saying page six isn't working right, has anyone else had this problem? also, any layout difficulties? I don't know what it looks like for anyone else, i need to check it on different resoulutions, but i'm lazy. laaaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyyyyyy doooooooooooooog. wait, no, that's ramses. I thought it was only cats that sleep for 18 hours a day, but nooooooooooo. silly puppy
Toktobis 12:20 AM

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