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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

I'm sooooo excited! only a few weeks left befor I go! *happy dance* Me an Mom went on our first college shopping trip. We focused on bathroom stuff. For some reason, it's really exciting to buy that stuff for the first time, and have it be your own, you know? But what REALLY gonna be neat is when I get kitchen stuff. I want my own pots and pans. ^_^ But I won't need that stuff till October, because I'm going to a special program where I live in a cabin with a bunch of other girls and eat at a cafeteria. This is where I'm going. Badger Creek. ^_^

But in October, I'm moving into an apartment with my cousin Lila. That'll be pretty neat, though she can be a bit scary. Eh, I've roomed with her before, I can handle her. And since we've got a big difference in our sizes, I won't have to worry about her stealing my clothes like she does to her sister. Heheheh, somtimes being a bit overweight can be a good thing. ^_^
Toktobis 12:03 PM

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