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Name: Celeste Smith, aka Toktobis
Date: No, but thanks for asking
Hobbies: Drawing, painting, snowboarding and sleeping
Bio: I've moved around a lot. I've got an EVIL older sister who's job it was to torture me until I cried everyday. She's currently married and lives in Logan, Utah. Feel free to stalk her. I lived in Utah for most of my life, and yes, I am a Mormon. I've never sacrificed a chickin, but my uncle's parrot in the kitchen has tempted me a lot. Why do we have a parrot in the kitchen? I wish I knew. I HATE that stupid thing. I currently live on the floor in my grama's computer room. Every three months we have to bomb it for spiders. I paint rocks and play with my playmobile pirates in my spare time.I go to Moorpark College for the Criminally Insane. (okay, I made up that last part.) Whenever I go to the mall, I end up curled in a fetal position and sucking my thumb. Um, I live on sunflower seeds and DIet Coke. That's about it for me.

Name: Ramses Wolfgang Superfly
Age: 2
Bio: I was born on a farm in the middle of nowehere. Celeste came and adopted me. I help out the site by being the mascot and peeing whenever something scary happens. I also eat squirrels and sniff the cat's bum.

Ramses and I are (c) 2001 ME, so there.