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Other Characters Who Aren't In Every Comic, But Are Nonetheless Important and Should Be Mentioned


Name: Jillian Renard
Age: 20
Species: Red Fox
Bio: Jack's younger sister. Jack pays her tuition and rent so she can go to Warrensdale University. Jill only shows up when she is in trouble and needs Jack to bail her out, either as himself or Midnight. She loves her brother and is very grateful for all his support, but feels a bit resentful of her own dependence on him. These feelings often cause friction between them and sometimes get her in trouble...


Name: Rosella Winters
Age: 22
Species: Skunk
Bio: Jill and Annabelle's roomate. She doesn't have many frineds because, well, she's a skunk and nobody wants to get that close to her. Her friendship with Jill is based on the trust that Jill won't eat her and she won't spray in the house. Annabelle is friends with her because she has no sense of smell due to a tragic farming accident as a child.


Name: Annabelle Norton
Age: 19
Species: Lop-eared rabbit
Bio: Jill Renard's best friend and one of her roommates. Shw goes To Warrensdale University (double-yoo-yoo) with Jill and Rose. Despite her friendship with Jill, she is deathly afraid of carnivores.