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Name: ?
Age: ?
Species: Rat
Episode: ??
Bio: ???

Chicken of Death

Name: The Chicken of Death, aka El Pollo Diablo
Age: ??
Species: Abnormally Large Chicken
Episode: Kentucky Fried Terror
Bio: This dumb cluck's had a chip on his shoulder all his life. He has an immense inferiority complex, and a grudge against the world, foxes in particular. He feels he's a savior to all poultry, and that his persecuted brethren can only be avenged by the destruction of all those who would feast upon them, and everybody else, too! Nasty fellow, not to be met in a dark alley. Doubly dangerous when he has his spork.

Bobo Aswell

Name: Bobo Aswell
Age: 30
Species: Grizzly Bear
Episode: ??
Bio: Not a lot is known about this villain yet. Suffice it to say, he's not very nice.


Name: Zombie
Age: ??
Species: Irrelevant
Episode:Midnight Fox vs The Evil Mutant Zombie Demons From The Bad Place
Bio: Halloween is always weird. If this guy bites you, you get to join him, turn green, bite people, and won't care if your body parts come off. Maybe being a zombie isn't so bad after all...

Lawn Flamingo

Wait, why is this even here?