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What Next #2
This story was written (almost) entirely by fans.

Midnight Fox was not happy. He was a bit testy, in fact. Of course, it's rather difficult to be cheerful when you're hanging upside down over a vat of boiling acid. The fact that his hat had fallen off his head and dissolved didn't help matters any, either. He glared up at his captor. "You'll never get away with this!" he cried. Bobo Aswell looked surprised, "I thought I all ready had." The evil bear scratched his head in confusion. "Well, yes, but I HAD to say SOMETHING, now didn't I?" "Enough!" Bobo shouted. "Now it's time for me to... 36 watch Maury and see the paternity test reults!" 37 "You fiend!" was all Midnight could say. "I thought--" "You thought what?" Bobo replied with a sneer. "You thought it was cancelled? Wa ha ha ha ha! I'm gonna watch it now and you can't, so there!" Midnight Fox growled deeply, trying to figure out what to do. Unfortunately, his hands were tied tightly with... 38 two red herrings and an extra-long piece of black licorice. *MF glares at narrator* "Oh, gee, thanks. I really needed fish guts on my fur!" You're welcome. Can we get back to the story now, please? 39 And so Bobo the Evil Bear press a button on a lever to lower Midnight into the deadly acid below and suddenly... 40 Midnight Fox had an inspiration. "Guest appearance time! Hey Bobo! I'll bet you've never met a friend of mine. He'd probably be my biggest customer if he weren't living in a different city where he's found someone else to help him out of jams." "And who might this friend be?" Bobo sneered at the fox. "Probably someone even more pathetic than you, no doubt." This was going to be easy - Midnight didn't even have to lie. "Oh yeah, he's all that. He'd probably be really impressed if you showed him all of your best gadgets." "So who is this friend? I must meet him so that he can spread news of the awesome might of Bobo!" Midnight grinned and shook his head. "Nuh-uh. Not unless you set me down, nice and safe on the ground." Bobo ground his teeth together but Midnight simply looked at the acid he was getting uncomfortably close too and suggested, "Better hurry or you'll never know." With a growl of frustration, the bear swung the crane away from the acid vat so that our hero was left laying on the ground. "But I'm keeping you tied up. Now, give me the number!" Midnight struggled not to smile as he recited the phone number. Bobo fed the number into his computer and found the address. He dispatched his Loyal Minions(TM) to the address and within a couple hours, they returned with him in tow. "Here he is boss." "Very good. You may go now, Loyal Minion(TM) #23. Now, this is my super computer from which I organize my entire crime network, Mister...what was the name again?" "BoB Dorpe. Say, this is neat! What does this button do?" asked the slug as he pushed... 41 the brightest, shiniest, candylike red button on the console. 42 "No you fool don't touch that button" Bobo yelled but it was too late... 43 Just then a loud humming noise began to eminate from the large wall on the far side of the lab. Faint cabaret style music also began to originate from behind that area. As it grew louder the wall itself began to slide open revealing a stage. When the wall was completely opened a line of Vegas style chorus girls began to dance out in full garb. Of course these were no ordinary showgirls, they were... 44 the chorus girls from hell! Apparently they weren't just dancing robots. All five of them, they each carried a rocket launcher... and they began to aim at the super computer... in the direction of their three hapless victims. "You fool!" Bobo scoffed at BoB. "That was supposed to be my welcoming committee for any superheroes who come by to stop me! Now we will all be blown to..." "Did I do anything wrong?" Bob interrupted. "Shh!" Midnight Fox interrupted. "There must be something we could do to get out of this alive?" "How about pushing the button again?" BoB replied, reaching for the brightest, shiniest, candylike red button on the console again. "I heard pushing buttons twice is a lot of..." "NO! Don't press that again..." Bobo screamed in absolute horror. Of course, it was too late, as... 45 ... the showgirl-bots launched a barrage of missles. Sadly, thier aim was WAY off, hitting the base of the vat. The acid poured out and into the computer, reducing it to a gooey mess. "Thank goodness that wasn't me!" Midnight smirked. 46 BoB looked at Bobo one more time... "Y'know... you look familiar... That's right!! Uncle Steve!!" The slug gave the bear a tight slimy hug. Bobo sneered at him "No, you fool! I am BOBO THE MAGNIFICENT!!" (please pause for chorus and lighting effects). "Now is the time for your final demise, Midnight Fox!" The bear reached for a blue button marked "DOOM!" Subliminal message time!! YOU WILL OBEY TOKTOBIS! TOKTOBIS IS THE GREATEST OF ALL! OBEY HER! PURCHASE MIDNIGHT FOX T-SHIRTS! OBEY! OBEY!! BoB hugged him again. "Of course you're my uncle Steve!! You smell just like him! Don't you remember that time I brought you that nice Get-Well card? It was right after you went to the hospital for my birthday after the truck..." The hug caused Bobo to miss the "DOOM!" button and instead press... 47 the button labeled happy sippy juice, and the lab sterted to fill with juce. "Well it's not quite the same" Bobo sed as he got a new idea "but atleast I can still kill you Midnight Fox!" Bobo pressed a button that slowly lowered Midnight to the pool of juice that was now a foot deep. *Bob runs away crying* "Uncle Steve dosen't like me eny more" Bob cries as he runs blindly into 48 a switch that lead to the drain. As Bob leans against beating the console, He accidently the buttons "door lock", "hook-lift", "Multi-traps", and "salesman decimator"... as well as the blue "DOOM!" button! 49 "This wont end well" Midnight seis as he gets raised higher into the air. *Meanwhile Bob is chaising Bobo around the room* "Please just leave me alone you little greas ball" Bobo screams as he jumps into what looks like an escape pod... 50 Unfortunately, it was damaged by the stray rocket-fire by the showgirl-bots. Bobo hopped in, hit the switch, and sailed off in the sunset... and right into the city jail... right at the Terrorist Contatinment Facility. As Bobo hopped out, he roared, "I'LL GET MIDNIGHT FOX FOR THIS!!! AFTER I DESTROY HIM AND EVERYTHING HE HOLDS DEAR, THEN I'LL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! Suddenly, the sound of AK-47 machine guns, pump-action shotguns, .357 magnums, and police-issue revolvers were heard, being cocked and trained on Bobo, waiting to explode their contents upon him at the slightest wrong move. As Bobo raised his hands in the air slowly, he said, in a Maxwell Smart way, "Okay... slight setback." 51 (FYI- Maxwell Smart, played by Don Adams, was a bumbling spy... a comedic verion of James Bond. And he also played Inspector Gadget, too!) 53 "I'll get you next time Midnight Fox!" Bobo yelled as he was escorted into a bus. "So you too?" A misterious person asked from the misteriously shaddowed part of the seat. "Who...who are you?" Bobo asked then looked at the shadow. "And how did you get a shadow to go in that direction when the sun comes in on your side?" "I'm just that evil." The misterious person said. "If you must know who I am I'll tell you. I'm..." "Stay tuned for seens for the next episode of Midnight Fox!" 54