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Saturday, October 27, 2001

Working on Midnight vs Zombies. Only two pages lfet and they're all drawn an inked, but na colored. So i workin on it. :P
Toktobis 3:26 PM

OOOOOOOOOO! Izzy is ma hero! I did a fan strip for her an she's gonna put it on her site! *dances*
Toktobis 3:25 PM

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Ugh. my head huuuuurrrts. i'd wanna die, 'cept i got too much to do. :P

Good news, though, I finished drawing and inking MF. maybe i really will get it done by hally-ween.

I gotta go to institute tomorrow. I like it, but there's so many people. *shudders* I promised Sister What's-Her-Face that i'd go. I wish I could remember her name. If'n ya don't know what instiute is, I shall explain. I'm a member of th LDS church, (Mormon) and institute is basically a Bible-study class that college-age kids go to. I've only gone once or twice, cuza my stoopid headaches. Sister-What's-Her-Face is a nice grama-age lady who's on a mission with her husband and works there, being all nice and supportive and basically being a surrogate grama to all the students. Thae last time I went, I spent the whole time telling her all the awful stuff that's happened to my family, and cried and cried. It's embarrassing, cuz nothing horrible had happened to us, just a lot of nasty little things that aren't all that important on their own, but have been happening non-stop since I was in 7th grade. There was bad stuff before that, too, but i could cope. Now however, there's so much i feel like i'm suffocating. and the worst stuff has come in the past year or two, like my headaches or when Dad was diagnosed with Manic-Depressive Disorder (no wonder he's a loony!) and my older evil sis married her druggie boyfriend and we had to move in with grama and grampa, and we just found out that my little bro has Turret's Syndrome and all that. At least i got Ramses (my dog) It's amazing how much the unconditional love and trust of a dog can help.

WoW, this is a long post! and i didn't even update anything. oh well :P
Toktobis 10:22 PM

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