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Saturday, December 01, 2001


bad day. my dad lost his job... again. it should be illegal to lay people off in december. Mom and Dad say we have enough to have a "normal" christmas, but nothin fancy. just like last year, he didn't have a job then either. no PS2 for me. DANG IT ANYWAY
Toktobis 12:20 AM

The interactive story thingy has a heck of a lot of annoying pop-up ads. Hopefully, this won't keep people from posting, but if it does, I'll hafta do something else. I really like the idea, though, so I hope it works.

New messageboard! Post your comments and complaints for the whole world to see!
Toktobis 12:17 AM

Friday, November 30, 2001


Help write an amazing Midnight Fox adventure! Just click on "What Next?"
Toktobis 12:25 AM

Thursday, November 29, 2001

Ode to My Readers
(Why I Spend Most of the Day Working on the Internet, But Usually Have Nothing To Show For It)

Nope, sorry, this isn't a poem. I just like the word "ode." This morning, while I was doing my daily Internet routine, (checking email, feeding my neopets and wasting time,) I came across an article about webcomics. I thought, "Hark, mayhaps I should read this." (I always think in midevil speech patterns, it maketh me feel fancy-eth) So I read it. It basically said that if you're going to do a webcomic, think about why you're doing it. If your doing it "so millions beautiful women will ask you to autograph their breasts" you're probably out of luck.
It really made me think hard. That hurt, so I thought softer. Still in pain, I pondered, "Why am I doing this? So millions of women will ask me to autograph their breasts-eth?" (Answer: Only if I get to use a permanent marker and can keep my eyes shut.) I disconnected and went into the kitchen for lunch. I was still thinking while I burned myself an egg. After choking it down, (much to the amusement of the two dogs waiting for me to hack something up on the carpet so they could eat it,) I had a basic idea of my motivations.
To my calculations, there are about 6,547,257,021.5 people in the world. I figured that somewhere between three and seven of them read my comic. I rounded that to 5 and a quarter. (My ego made me add the quarter.) Of those five and a quarter, one and a quarter are related to me. Two are internet buddies who read it because I asked them to. One is a real life friend in another state. And the last one got here by accident and can't find the back button on their browser. I spend several hours a day either drawing or thinking about or writing or doing something faintly related to Midnight Fox. For 5.25 people. WHY?!! Why do I spend so much time on this with so little in return?
The same reason I started drawing this when I was 14. I want to. I enjoy it. When I started back then, there was only one reader, my mother. Eventually I got my best friend Faith to read it to. (And she still does, when I remind her.) I'd spend all day thinking and drawing and writing and ignoring my teachers just so two people might laugh at some ridiculous thing I had Midnight do. (For instance, once he was attacked by a giant cookie. Needless to say, that one was written right before lunch hour.)
It started one night when I was bored and had a steno pad that my dad had done some calculations for work in. I turned to the back and started doodeling. The result was the first Midnight Fox comic. Since I had started at the back, you had to turn the pages backwards to read it. Thinking back, I realize I could have just turned the whole thing upside down when I started drawing, but I wasn't that bright. Anyway, I showed my mom, and she laughed. So I spent the next four years drawing it. Not for the 1600 other kids in my high school, but for my mom, and later, Faith. So now I don't do it for the 6 billion people in the world who don't read my comic. I do it for the five and a quarter who do. Even the guy who got lost. (The back button is probably in the top left hand corner.)
Toktobis 11:21 PM


I'm actually AHEAD of schedule. I have the next page all done and the one after that half-done. I wanna put them up NOW I don't WANT to wait. however, if I make my update-er-um dates any closer together that means I have to stick to it. I chose twice a month cuz I knew I could do that. I don't want to SAY I'll update every week and then go Oops, it's not ready yet cuz I'm lazy or im sick or whatnot. Maybe if instead of having the only scheduled updates be the pages, I could put up other things... *thinks* Well, Unlike Minerva puts up pics of the characters whenever Terrence or Izzy or both are too busy. and if they can get away with. hmmm *thinks some more* Piffle. I dunno.
Toktobis 3:36 PM

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Lemme see, what have i done today? I put up a new page called "Stories" I'm currently writing the story of how Midnioght got to where he is, and how he met the other characters. (except Iggy) Sorry, folks, how Iggy joined the cast is too long and complicated to put in the story, so it gets its own comic after KFT. There's other things in the story that'll be explained in comics later, too. I'm sure you'll notice a biggie right away.
"Pocket Lint" is up. It's a page where I'll put stuff that doesn't really go anywhere else. Right now there's a pic of Midnight and a lot of little terxt boxes that say, "enter content here."
Toktobis 1:24 PM

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

my head hurt.s im going to go cry myself to sleep.
Toktobis 10:52 PM

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