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Wednesday, December 19, 2001

In the off chance that anyone here would like to give me a christmas present, I have a suggestion. I have NEVER gotten any fan-art for my comic. ;_; Izzy gave me a lovely picture of myself for ma birthday, but so far, nobody wants to draw jack or arden or even sonya. *sighs*
You could even do the Chikin of death or Zombie-charles if you want to. Since the number of readers has officially gone up to 7.25, perhaps ONE of you has the time to draw me a liddlew picture. *sighs* I know I sound pitiful, but there it is.

Page three is up! It is it is it is!

Toktobis 10:34 PM

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

YAY! my rocks are in a store to buy1 I'm gonna make money! hooray!!!

um, there's a new pic up in fun stuff. it's a fan-art i did for Mory's Education. That's a reallly funny comic. if'n you wanna see it, it's one of Izzy's finger lickin links in the drop-down menu. Go read it! It's funny!
Toktobis 10:34 PM

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