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Saturday, January 19, 2002

^_^ page 4 is up in kft! Jack and Jill have an interesting argument...
Toktobis 11:27 PM

Friday, January 18, 2002

Izzy, I want one! I think you already have my address, don't you? Toby got it a few months ago. She promised not to stalk me.
Toktobis 10:01 PM

SOCK GIRL TOBY IS FUNNY ^_^ MUST SEE MORE! There ya go, nice and supportive.

I got my hands on the first three Monkey Island games. hehehe. A whole bucket of mud, and it's MINE, ALL MINE!!!
Toktobis 9:59 PM

What obscure animal are you?
A skunk, huh? who knew? :P
Toktobis 9:57 PM

Thursday, January 17, 2002

I am a hip critter. I showed up fasionably late with Super Mario World and have started launching your own career since then. In maybe 10-15 years, my popularity will rival Mario's. Not that I'm competing with him. He's my bud. I'm good at getting and keeping friends, and they value me for that. After all, who else would carry them on their back through ice, fire, and rain? Sometimes I think I'm taken for granted, but I know that my friends have my back. Of course they do. Who would screw over Yoshi?

What Super Mario Bros character are you?

I'm Yoshi! He's cute ^_^
Toktobis 7:16 PM

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Wow, can you believe I'm up this early? creepy. I've got a doctor appointment soon, and i'm NOT looking forward to it. phooey
Toktobis 8:42 AM

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

sometimes i hate being a girl. >.< *cramps*
I need to break something, or maim someone.

Toktobis 8:16 PM

Monday, January 14, 2002

I alwus wanned ta be a psycho!
Toktobis 11:40 PM

Check it out, man! Dare you even attempt to match my rank in evilness?

Toktobis 11:40 PM

Sunday, January 13, 2002

I am sooooooo tired.
I re-did the layout for ma blogger, (incase ya hadn't noticed.:P) with help from Super Bouncing Head Guy (otherwise known as RavenWorks) who kindly answered my stupid questions and helped me get stuff thu my thick skull. Everyone bow to him now. *bows*
For those of you who've linked to this, or bookmarked it, the address is now http://toktobis.tripod.com/blog.html

I'm not done with it yet, but i HAVE to go to bed before I fall over. g'night
Toktobis 1:05 AM

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