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Friday, January 25, 2002

ooooooh my head hurts. >>.<< i'm gonna barf, i just know it. i haven't barfed in over a year, since i had to go to a six hour driving class... and before that i haven't barfed in about ten years, but i'm going to tonight, yup i am. and stoopid grampa has some stoopid tribal music on REALLY loud with chanting and drums and such. i think he's going to sacrifice the cat or something. :P and i can't ask him to turn it down, cuz that's against the rules. i'm soooooo close to going out there and calling him all sorts of unpleasant names, most of with i've never said out loud before. (i don't swear at all) but i don't think "selfish bastard" counts as swearing, anyway, though that's the LEAST of what i want to call him. #@$%ing sh*@head is more like it. grrrrrrrrrr
Toktobis 10:11 PM

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Okies, I need some help. I've decided to put a FAQ page up, only there's a problem: Nobody's asked me anything! How can I have a page about Frequently Asked Questions if there aren't any? So come on, people! Ask me something! Anything! There are no stupid questions! (only stupid people ^_^) Even if it's something silly, like, "Why doen't Jack wear a shirt?" or "Sonya's a real skank, isn't she?" You can even ask where the heck I got the name Toktobis! I need at least ten questions before I can put the page up, prefferably fifteen. Those of you who know me better ask something, *coughs you KNOW who you are* And for people who read this but have never contacted me before, here's you're chance! I'll reply to all emails, not with an answer, but just with aknowledgement of the question, or a reprimand for asking me something dirty. >.< Ok, that's about it
Toktobis 9:41 PM

My parents are watching re-runs of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I like that show, but it's on for two hours every day, and that's a little much for me. I'll watch the new ones, or my favorites, but just the fact that it's on doens't mean we have to watch it, does it? What really irritates me is that this house is so small, and my room is right in the middle. there are TV's at both ends, so no matter which one they watch, I can hear it, even with a pillow over my head. What's worse it when BOTH TVs are on different channels while I'm trying to take a nap. Gives me realllly odd dreams. O.o
Toktobis 9:38 PM

Grrrrr. I sometimes HATE being a girl. *cramps* but you don't want to hear about my plumbing problems, do ya? Just know that I have them and therefore am cranky today.
Toktobis 9:34 PM

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