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Saturday, March 23, 2002

Well, it's my birthday, and as I predicted, the other people who live in this house wanted me to spend time with them. I forget their names, though. Anyhoo, what was unexpected was the arrival of my cousin from Wyoming. Sixteen years ago, I got her for my birthday, and now I got her again. I STILL wanted a bike, though. Seems her family's present to her was a trip down here to visit us. She'll be here for a week and a half, and during that time I won't be able to be online much, if at all. Oh well, I hope we have fun.
Toktobis 11:19 PM

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Hookay, page seven is up! yay me! What Next is dead, so I buried it. Thanks to FrostDemn for helping me with the shovel. I'm gonna put it up in the Stories section, so people can read it, and then I'll start a new story!
Dang it dangitdangit! FrostDemn made me a WONDERful KiSS doll of Jack, but the file's too big for my computer to handle uploading it to the site. It's VERY cool though, and if anybody wants it, I can probably email it to ya.
I have a cold, AGAIN. I think the problem is that we have five housepets, all of which I'm allergic to. DANG THAT STOOPID PARROT! I"M GETTING TO LIKE HIM, TOO! I'm runnin out of Benadryl, too. *twitch* need antihistamine now! or some Alka Seltzer, but that stuff's nasty poopoo. I can't believe I just said that. I think I need to go to bed. NASTY POOPOO *twitch*
Toktobis 12:30 AM

Sunday, March 17, 2002

I just had a bunch of my friends take a "how well do you know me?" test. How come everybody thought I had a hare-lip? I don't have no stinkin harelip, i got a ROCK IN MY HEAD. I guess that WAS a silly question, though. And one person didn't say hare-lip, he thought i only had three fingers on one hand. that would make it awfully hard to type fast, wouldn't it? heheheh

crap, i gotta get to work. *gets to work*
Toktobis 12:36 AM

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