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Wednesday, April 24, 2002

STUPID COMPUTER. STUPID HEAD. STUPID EVERYTHING. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. a few days ago, whilst i was talking to my friends, my computer crashed horribly and i couldn't get it started up again and back online for a loooong time. I hope my firends dont hink I did it on puropose. >.< I got bad sptyping today because my head hurts so bad im thinking of cutting it off. stupid brains. i don'tr use it anyway, i might as well. PHOOEY!

i'm gonna go to blockbuster todayyyy. i want to rent a movie that i loved when i was little, but can't remember a whole lot about. it was called The Last Unicorn and the animation wasn't really good. but i gotta see it, because for some reason i keep remembering a part with the wizard guy tied to a tree with, um, boobs. I don't know if that's really in the movie or not, but its driving me nuts, so i gotta see. If it's not, and my subconsiouc put it there, i gotta go see a psychiatrist or something. I think i'll tell my little sister about it an convince her she wants to see it, sos I won't feel silly getting it. stupid self-sonsiousness. stupid awful typinig skiulls it would probably help if i was paying attention to wha i was doing, but i don't feel like it, so theree.

Ano a happier note, my big siser's gonna have a baby! I don know if im excited or not. i thinkk i am. she's only a month or so along, so we have a while to wait. I kinda hope its a boy, because she and i are fighting over who gets to name thei baby girl "Karyn" when they have one. that's my mom's name and both of us want to use it. if she has a boy now, she cant very well name it that, so i have another few years to catch up with her. she'll probably get it, though, cuz i don't think im gonna get married any time soon. i think i have to move out first, an go to college. maybe eget a job at some point. >.<
I have to type out some silly thing for the store where i sell my rocks. the owner wants som little cards telling how the'r all "lovingly hand-painted" and "each one is special" and crap like that. I s'pose that stuff is true, but i'm not particularly good at writing sappy atuff like that. If i had a choice, the little cards would say something mre like, "It's a rock. I painted it. don't pur it next to anything fragile, cuz it'll bust it next time there's an earthquake.' it always cracks me up when i show somebody one and they handle it like it's made out of glass. for heavens sake, it's a ROCK. It's much more likely to break something, that get broken itself. The paint only cratches lif you really pick at it, or drop it on cement.
i'm tired, my eyes won't stay open. i'd take a nap, but i gotta go pick my little sister up from school pretty soon. I think she should walk, it''s not very far. grumble grumble. oh well.
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