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Sunday, May 26, 2002

while wandering around the internet, i found a hilarious site. It's all about bad english written on Japanese products. Here's a few examples:

Pocket Wetty (babywipe type things)

Snot (toothpaste)

a pocketknife with the warning "KEEP OUT OF CHILDREN"

a resturaunt called "Pumpkin POO"

Creamy Ball (chocolates)

Mercy (toilet paper)

and lots of unfortunate and accidental uses of the "F" word.

I went through this site with my mom and often had to stop for a few minutes so we could breathe again. >.< If you want to see, the site's called Engrish.com
I'm sure there's a lot of Amreican products with unfortunate labels in other languages, too, (the Chevy Nova, for instance) but these are still hilarious.
Toktobis 12:19 AM

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