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Monday, July 01, 2002

PHEW!!! Eric and Laurie are NOT moving in! I'm so happy, I could cry. And Eric has rheumatic fever, not a bloodstream infection, so that's good. Man, how many people can say that having rheumatic fever is GOOD? weird.
Toktobis 10:15 PM

Still no reply with the resume. I'll tell ya if anything happens.
Church was nice today, I even went to sacrament meeting, which I haven't been to in months.

*WARNING: The following is a detailed description of the bad news my mom just gave me, and is very opinionated and a bit rude. It deals with personal problems my family is having and is only being written as a rant to calm my nerves before I go to sleep. If you're just an occasional viewer of my website, you prbably don't want to read it.*

Aunt Laurie and Uncle Eric are moving into the tent trailer in the backyard. At first, it will only be Laurie because Eric is in the hospital with an infection in his bloodstream and heart lining from all the absesses he's got from unsanitary heroin use. He could die, but I don't think he will. if three ODs and a heart attack hasn't done it, I doubt this will. Darn it anyway. I know that's an awful thing to say. I don't want him to die. But I don't want him to move in with us, either. I hate him. He's not my uncle anymore. I only have a few memories of non-drugaddict Eric, and they're awfully old. My nice uncle Eric is dead. all that's left is the theiving, lying, demon thats taken over his body. Drugs are evil. I hate them.
When Laurie is here, I'm going ot have to get a box that locks for my medicine and wallet and any other valuables. She allready stole my tranquilizers once. Whcih caused me to need them, badly. Nasty crack-whore. (which she is, being both addicted to crack and a prostitute) I hate refering to her as Aunt Laurie, because she's only been my aunt for a year, and I doubt she'll stay that way for more than another one. She'll probably be in jail. I wish she was right now, it'd solve a lot of problems.
Toktobis 12:06 AM

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