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Saturday, July 27, 2002

ookay then. >.<

It looks like I'm gonna hafta put KFT on hold for a while, not just because of limited access to the internet, but because of NO access to photoshop. At least till i find the disk. >.< I don't want to finish the story in black and white. However, to make up for it, I'm going to start "normal" comics, in black and white, and put them up about twice a week. ^_^ I'll start that as soon as tripod quits being evil. eeevil. EEEEVIIILLLL!

sorry about that. Anyway, I've got about two months worth finished already. ^_^ The first few aren't particularly great, but cut me some slack, I'm a stressed out college student! (ok, ok, so classes don't start for another month, I'm still stressed, so sue me)
Toktobis 11:57 PM

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Once again, I'm doing this from class, because I can't get at my own computer. grrrrrrrrr. But what am I supposed to do? Say, "Gee, Grama, my comic is MUCH more important than your income, and getting food on the table and stuff." phooey!

In other news, I got my acceptance letter from BYU Idaho yesterday! I'm going to cow-ledge! I so excited! I even got into the Quest program, to! I get to live in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and ride horses and go on hikes and learn stuff. ^_^ yay! I so happy! Unfortunetaly, the aforementioned cabins don't have internet access. Which is horrible. very horrible. I'll see wha I can do.
Toktobis 1:32 PM

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