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Sunday, December 29, 2002

BAD. very very bad. >.<

My life's been very, very hectic lately.
My sister had her baby over Thanksgiving break, which was a month early. My mother and younger siblings went to Utah to help take care of her and to visit Dad, who left in September. School was very stresful, I'm still not used to having to make sure I have enough food to eat and actually eating it, my classes were hard, I failed at least one, maybe more. >.< My friends were a big help, though, I forgot what it was like to have people to goof off with who you're not related too. I haven't had the Internet in my house, so I couldn't update my site OR talk to my buddies, which was horrible. I missed everybody a lot. So that brings us up to Christmas break.
I was gonna go to Utah, becasue everyone was still there. Mom and Dad were getting along, and things in that quater looked great, mom even kissed him, which shocked the heck out of me when I heard about it. So I'[m all excited to come down and see everyone, plus the new addition to the family. So I hopped in the car with my friends who were also going to Utah for various reasons, and off we went. We were about fourty minutes out of Brigham City when I got a hysterical call from Mom. Apparently, Dad had freaked out at her that morning and she didn't know why. He was as scary and abusive as he'd ever been and she wanted to get out of there. I calmed her down a bit, and worried about her the rest of the way down. I got there, Dad was out at a movie with my little brother, and Mom was very, very sad. She looked horrible, and it hurt me to see her like that. I helped her pack her stuff, she didn't know here she was going, she just knew she had to get the kids out of there. I wasn't sure, but that night, Dad completely flipped out, he screamed at her so badly, we could hear it two stories up. Mom was a fraid he'd hit her, and when Grama went down, she was afraid he'd hit his own mother!

That night, we slept with our doors locked.

We spent the next few days in a motel in Layton, while we waited for my grandfather in California to come get us. Then we drove the 13 hours to Cali. Fun, huh? The next day was Christmas Eve, Mom was still in the middle of a nervous breakdown, so guess who got to finish the Christmas shoping, even for herself? Ugh. The malls were packed and I had a panic attack in the middle of one, I wandered around in circles for about an hour before I calmed myslef down in a bookstore. >.< I even had to wrap my own presents. Very depressing. Chirstmas itself was ok, even though Mom cried everytime someone gave her a present. At least I got what I really wanted, being as how I bought it. Ah well.

I'm still recovering from the whole thing. I had a majpr headache this morning, so I missed church, which stunk, because I think I need it. *sigh* I'm gonna go play video games.
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