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Name: Sonya Kanine
Age: 22
Bio: Sonya worked at Kanine Mansion as a maid for several years before she was able to persuade Charles to marry her against his father's wishes. Ashamed of her humble beginnings, she hates anything that reminds her of them, including Jack, who has known her all her life. She is very mean and quite stupid. The only person who can stand her is Charles, who loves her with all his heart. Luckily for him she loves him just as much. She doesn't know that Jack is Midnight Fox, and consequently thinks he's a lazy bum because he sleeps in every morning. Also, she has just a bit of a crush on Midnight Fox, and is VERY forward about it if she happens to catch him alone. These encounters prove very embarrassing to Midnight, who can't stand her. In fact the only reason he EVER saves her from baddies is how much Charles would miss her.